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My company Apption Digital, Inc. (based in Silicon Valley) owns the following properties (handles) on Twitter:

@MyVoteToday (7,56,563 followers) – the world’s second largest polling platform and India’s largest political/social/civic polling platform.

@PeopleNChoices (33,104 followers) – India’s largest Consumer Research Insights Research platform.

@MyDebateToday (10,621 followers) – India’s only debating platform which allows ordinary citizens to debate on important issues 6 days a week.

@MyVOTR (6033 followers) – posts & maintains results of our polling platforms.

@RealFreshNews (4639 followers) – News & Updates from around the world, especially Social Media Statistics about Celebrities & Leaders.

@PollCourt (2457 followers) – Putting Social Media disputes to a Court of #WeThePeople who preside as the Judge & Jury!

@ARUSadvisors (1064 followers) – India’s first Growth Hacking Strategy Advisory.

@apptiondigital (901 followers) – our Parent Company’s Twitter handle.

Today, we created a BRAND NEW SPORTS POLLING PLATFORM named as @SportsPollsIND where we will be posting sports polls, especially when popular tournaments like Olympics, FIFA World Cup, IPL, ICC World Cup, EPL, etc. are on. If you are a SPORTS LOVER – follow and vote for your favourite sport/tam.

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