Trump would Win in Russia, Poland & Hungary; Close Call in UK, Australia & India

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In less than 9 hours from now, almost 140 million Americans will choose the 46th U.S. President. Almost 136.67 million Americans voted in the presidential elections of 2016, in the world’s second-largest democracy. In comparison, about 614.16 million people voted in the Indian Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

After Donald Trump‘s unexpected (by some) win in 2016, he remains the underdog in the 2020 presidential election – according to many U.S. polls and a survey conducted by global leader in market research Ipsos (and shown in the Statista graphic here) in 25 countries in late September and early October.

However, expectations for Trump to win a second time have risen in all countries surveyed – except for Russia, the only country where a majority of people believed in a Trump win in four years ago.

Russia – together with Poland and Hungary – remains one of few places where more people expect Trump to emerge victorious than former Vice President Joe Biden.

Both camps were almost balanced in India and the UK as well as in Australia and the Netherlands.

Overall, more people said that they weren’t sure who was going to win the White House in 2020, with about one-third of survey participants saying they could not guess the outcome of the election.

The countries which were most sure of a Joe Biden win were Mexico (also the top believer in Hillary Clinton in 2016), South Korea, Chile and Malaysia, where the lowest share (12%) believed in a Trump win. The case of South Korea and Mexico wanting Donald Trump to lose is obvious, isn’t it?


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