BAD FRIDAY: Almost 5,00,000 Cases in a Day

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I have been doing Data Analytics Studies on the Coronavirus Pandemic for 226 days and have written 228 research-based articles on COVID-19 in these 226 days.

Friday 23 October had the record highest daily count of 490,059 Covid-19 cases worldwide, slightly higher than the previous record of 479,476 cases on the previous day (22 October).

This was primarily due to record cases in USA (its highest tally of 81,210 cases); France (its highest tally of 42,032); UK (its 4th highest tally of 20,530); Spain (its 2nd highest tally of 19,851); Italy (its highest tally of 19,143); Russia (its highest tally of 17,340); Belgium (its highest tally of 16,746); Czechia (its highest tally of 15,258); Poland (its highest tally of 13,632); Germany (its highest tally of 13,476); and Netherlands (its highest tally of 9,996). Many other countries reported either their highest, 2nd highest or 3rd highest numbers on that day.

An average of 409,271 cases per day have been reported worldwide in the last 7 days. Is this what experts call “flattening of the curve?”

Spain, Argentina and France have entered the 1-million-case ‘club’ in the last 8 days, and Colombia will become the 8th country to enter this club today.


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LATEST UPDATES (at 07:45 am UTC; 24 October 2020):

  • The world has crossed 42.521 million (4.252 crore) cases
  • The global death toll is over 1.15 million (11.5 crore)
  • With 7,814,662 cases and 117,992 deaths, India is No.2 in cases and No.3 in deaths in the world
  • India’s Maharashtra state, with 1,632,544 cases and 43,015 deaths, would rank No.4 in cases and No.6 in deaths if it were a country
  • 3 countries have crossed 5,000,000 (50 lakh) cases (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 7 countries have crossed 1,000,000 cases (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 11 countries have crossed 750,000 (7.5 lakh) cases (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 13 countries have crossed 500,000 cases (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 27 countries have crossed 250,000 cases (up from 1 on April 3)
  • 48 countries have crossed 100,000 cases (up from 3 on April 3)
  • 2 countries have crossed 150,000 deaths (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 4 countries have crossed 88,000 deaths (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 10 countries have crossed 30,000 deaths (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 13 countries have crossed 20,000 deaths (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 20 countries have crossed 10,000 deaths (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 32 countries have crossed 5,000 deaths (up from 5 on April 3)
  • 38 countries have crossed 2,500 deaths (up from 7 on April 3)

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