Grow Up Mr. Rahul Gandhi — The Enemy is NOT Modi; it IS China

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In the last 6 days — since we lost 20 bravehearts to violent clashes with China’s People Liberation Army (PLA), Rahul Gandhi has tweeted 8 times taunting or criticising India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi or his party BJP, but only 2 times expressing grief or sympathy with the Indian Army soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice protecting our border, or to encourage them.

Even more shocking was the fact that there was not a single tweet against China.

In comparison, the official handle of the Prime Minister, @PMOIndia, tweeted 14 times in support of the Armed Forces (some of which also clearly warned China) and 3 times thanking opposition politicians for participating in the all-party meeting called by the government to discuss the border clashes of 15/16 June.

Who’s the real enemy, Mr. Gandhi? Did Modi kill our soldiers in Ladakh or was it the Chinese? Do you realise THE FACT that Modi is the PM of India, not just the PM of BJP? Or THE FACT that, in criticising the PM of India on military matters, you are also criticising the Indian Armed Forces which are under his command?

Do you forget THE FACT that India lost 3,079 soldiers in the 1962 war with China fought under your great grandfather Jawahar Lal Nehru, in addition to 1,047 wounded and 3,968 captured? Or THE FACT that the 1962 war could have been avoided if your great grandfather would have accepted the offer of Chinese premier Zhou Enlai, during his visit to India in April 1960, when he offered a workable solution on the border dispute. Since you have obviously not been educated on history, let me remind you that Zhou had offered a package deal for a final settlement — China would accept India’s control over today’s Arunachal Pradesh, which meant its de facto recognition of India’s jurisdiction up to the McMahon Line, if India accepted China’s control over Aksai Chin.

Mr. Gandhi, do you also forget THE FACT that we lost 88 soldiers (plus 163 wounded) in the Nathu La and Cho La border clashes with China in September/October 1967, when your grandmother Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister? Or THE FACT that 4 Indian soldiers died when a patrol of Assam Rifles jawans was ambushed at Tulung La in Arunachal Pradesh in 1975, again during your grandmother’s rule?

Shall we do a comparison even though it’s not right to do so with our bravehearts’ lives? The Congress party has ruled India for 20,920 days — which means India has lost 1 soldier for every 6.6 days of Congress rule. The BJP has ruled India for 4,490 days — which means India has lost 1 soldier for every 225 days of BJP rule. That goes 34:1 in BJP’s favour, Mr. Gandhi.

Do you know why China shows so much aggression? It is because — with their massive economic superiority over India — they can afford to.

In 1950, India’s share of the world population and GDP was 14.2% and 4.2%, respectively. Today, our share of world population is 17.7% and share of world GDP has come down to 3.4%. Thus, the GDP:Population ratio has come down from a low of 0.296 to an even lower 0.192, and the major blame for this must go to your great-grandfather Nehru, your grandmother Indira Gandhi and your father Rajiv Gandhi, who ruled the country for almost 39 years out of the first 42 years post-independence. If any of them, especially Nehru and Indira, had followed proper economic policies, we would be on par with China, whose share of world population is 18.6% and that of GDP is 16.3%, giving them a ratio of 0.876. If this was not the worst failure of your dynasty, then what was?

Chinese supreme leader Deng Xiaoping started opening China for foreign investment in December 1978, which led to unparalleled growth of the Chinese economy, but your grandmother Indira did not follow suit even upto six years later, and neither did your father up to 11 years later.

In 1984, when your father became the Prime Minister, India’s per-capita GDP (PCGDP) was $276.67, and China’s was $250.71. But, as Deng’s economic reforms started paying off, China overtook India like a bullet train vs. the Shatabdi Express. By 2018, China’s PCGDP had risen 39 times to $9,770.85, while India’s rose only 7.27 times to $2,010. During the first 11 years 6½ months since October 1984, Congress or Congress-supported governments were in power 92% of the time.

By the time Vajpayee became PM in 1998, China’s PCGDP was already 88% higher than India’s. When your mother’s government(when Dr. Manmohan Singh was the “accidental PM”), took over, China’s PCGDP was 2.357 times that of India’s. When your party were soundly defeated by Modi-led NDA in 2014, this had more than doubled to 4.864 times. Modi has actually been successful in slightly reducing this gap to 4.798 times by the end of 2019. Yes Mr. Gandhi, read this again.

Bro, your website says: “The Congress Party is about conversation. I’m not coming here to tell you what to think, I’m coming here to listen to what you have to say.” But are you listening? After your mom’s rule for 10 years, your party’s vote share came down by 31.6% in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, while BJP’s went up by a whopping 66.7%. But you still didn’t listen, and continued to practice politics of hatred. In 2019, your party’s vote share came down by 0.3%, while BJP’s went up by 19.2%. So, do you listen more to the people of India, or does PM Modi? Seems like Modi to me. But he is still your “enemy” — instead of just being a political opponent — and not China, or for that matter, even Pakistan.

Do you realise that, after your father’s term as PM ended in 1989, your party’s vote share has come down by a huge 50.8%, while BJP’s went up by a whopping 228.9%? 

Do you not have any shame in twisting the PM’s name to Surender Modi? How would you like someone to call you “RaOWL” Gandhi?

Lastly, how do you explain the July 2018 picture of you hugging Modi on the floor of parliament? Was it just a joke for you?

The Solar Eclipse is over Mr. Gandhi, but your party’s eclipse is permanent.


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