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I have been doing Data Analytics Studies on the Coronavirus Pandemic for 80 days and have written 136 research-based blog posts on COVID-19 in these 80 days.

The data in this map (courtesy mapchart.net) pertains to yesterday afternoon (around 2:00 pm UTC).

Of the 44 countries that had reported a minimum of 15,000 Covid-19 cases until then, only one — Qatar — had over 6,200 Cases per Million residents (CPM). Let’s call this Group 1. In fact, Qatar, in dark red colour, had over 19,200 CPM yesterday and is expected to cross 20,000 CPM by tomorrow. It is probably not even visible, being so small, but if you look closely, it is between Saudi Arabia in light orange and Iran in yellow.

The next 6 countries (Group 2), with between 5,000 and 6,200 CPM, are in red colour, and include 3 in Europe (Spain, Ireland, and Belgium), 2 in Asia (Kuwait and Singapore), and the USA.

Next come 9 countries (Group 3) in dark orange, with between 3,100 and 4,800 CPM. Of these 9, apart from UAE in Asia, 5 are in Europe (Belarus, UK, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and Portugal), while 2 are in Central & South America (Chile and Peru).

The next 8 countries (Group 4), with between 2,150 and 2,900 CPM, are in light orange colour, and include 4 in Europe (France, Russia, Netherlands, and Germany), 2 in Central & South America (Brazil and Ecuador), Canada (North America), and Saudi Arabia (Asia).

Of the next 5 countries in yellow (Group 5), which have between 1,500 and 1,950 CPM, 3 are in Asia (Turkey, Israel, and Iran). The other 2 are Austria in Europe and Dominican Republic in Central & South America.

The next 5 countries (Group 6), with between 500 and 1,000 CPM, are in blue colour, and include 3 in Europe (Romania, Poland, and Ukraine), and 2 in Central & South America (Mexico and Colombia).

Next come 5 countries (Group 7) in a bluish-green colour, with between 200 and 500 CPM. Of these, 2 are in Asia (Pakistan and Bangladesh), 2 in Africa (South Africa and Egypt), while 1 is in Central & South America (Argentina).

The final 5 countries in green (Group 8), with 50–160 CPM, are all in Asia (Philippines, Japan, India, Indonesia, and China).

It is evident from the map that the most COVID-19 cases per million have been reported in North America and Northern & Western Europe, while the least have been reported in Africa and East & South Asia, with Eastern Europe, West Asia, and Central & South America showing a mix.

Does the disease have a regional bias? Or does the answer lie in the Testing Rate (number of tests conducted per million residents, or TPM)??

The 28 countries which have conducted over 14,500 TPM include the only 1 in Group 1 in dark red (Qatar), all 6 in Group 2 (red), all 9 in Group 3 (dark orange), 7 out of 8 in Group 4 (light orange), 3 of the 5 in Group 5 (yellow).

The 15 countries which have conducted under 11,500 TPM — this excludes China for which no testing data is available — include all 5 in Group 8 (green), all 5 in Group 7 (bluish-green), and 3 of the 5 in Group 6 (blue).

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

India (126 yesterday, 138 just now) has the fourth lowest CPM of these 44 countries, after Japan (132 yesterday, 133 just now), Indonesia (94 yesterday, 97 just now) and China (58 yesterday and just now). Only Mexico, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt have higher CPMs but lower TPMs than India.


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LATEST UPDATES (at 6:45 pm UTC; May 31, 2020):

  • The world has crossed 6.221 million cases
  • The global death toll is over 372,400
  • India has crossed 190,536 cases and 5,406 deaths. In terms of number of cases, India is at the No.7 rank in the world (up from No.22 on April 14). India’s Maharashtra state, with 67,655 cases, would rank No.19 in the world if it were a country (up from No.44 on April 24)
  • Peru and Iran became the 11th and 12th countries to cross 150,000 cases
  • 12 countries have crossed 150,000 cases (up from 1 on April 3)
  • 12 countries have crossed 100,000 cases (up from 3 on April 3)
  • 20 countries have crossed 50,000 cases (up from 8 on April 3)
  • 33 countries have crossed 25,000 cases (up from 11 on April 3)
  • 45 countries have crossed 15,000 cases (up from 16 on April 16)
  • 52 countries have crossed 10,000 cases (up from 23 on April 16)
  • 62 countries have crossed 7,500 cases (up from 26 on April 16)
  • 68 countries have crossed 5,000 cases (up from 20 on April 16)

  • Canada became the 11th country to cross 7,000 deaths
  • 6 countries have crossed 25,000 deaths (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 13 countries have crossed 5,000 deaths (up from 5 on April 3)
  • 19 countries have crossed 2,500 deaths (up from 7 on April 3)
  • 27 countries have crossed 1,000 deaths (up from 10 on April 3)
  • 41 countries have crossed 500 deaths (up from 16 on April 16)


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