India Becomes 13th Country with 5,000+ Covid-19 Deaths

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I have been doing Data Analytics Studies on the Coronavirus Pandemic for 78 days and have written 133 research-based blog posts on COVID-19 in these 78 days.

About an hour ago, India reported its 5,000th death due to Covid-19, becoming the 13th country to do so. India has already reported 5,185 deaths as of a few minutes ago. Earlier today, India became the ninth country to report 175,000 cases. The case count has already 181,796, with another daily high of 8,301 cases reported today.

India’s Fatality Rate (also known as Mortality Rate) due to Covid-19 is 2.85% if you count the number of cases and deaths on the same day. This means that 2.85% of all Covid-19 cases in India have lost their lives. However, there is bound to be a 3-7 day gap between when a person is tested positive and when he/she loses his/her life. Taking an average of a 5-day gap for all cases, India’s Fatality Rate goes up to 3.58%.

The global Fatality Rate (“FR”) is 6.054% on same-day basis.

USA has reported the most number of deaths at 104,811 with a same-day FR of 5.813%. UK comes second with 38,376 deaths and a FR of 14.066%. Italy is third with 33,340 deaths and a FR of 14.33%. France, Brazil and Spain have reported over 27,000 deaths; Belgium, Mexico and Germany have reported over 8,500 deaths, Iran and Canada have reported over 7,000 deaths, while Netherlands is just ahead of India at 5,951 deaths.

Amongst the 29 countries which have reported a minimum of 30,000 cases, Belgium has the highest FR of 16.246%, followed by France at 15.369%.

Amongst Indian states which have reported a minimum of 100 deaths, Gujarat (1,007 deaths) has the highest FR of 6.157%, followed by West Bengal (309 deaths) at 6.023%, Madhya Pradesh (334 deaths) at 4.369%, Maharashtra (2,197 deaths) at 3.371%, UP (213 deaths) at 2.766%, Delhi (416 deaths) at 2.243%, Rajasthan (193 deaths) at 2.24%, and Tamil Nadu (163 deaths) has the lowest Fatality Rate of 0.769%


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LATEST UPDATES (at 5:15 pm UTC; May 30, 2020):

  • The world has crossed 6.089 million cases
  • The Top 20 countries account for more than 5 out of every 6 cases worldwide
  • The global death toll is over 368,700
  • India has crossed 181,796 cases and 5,185 deaths. In terms of number of cases, India is at the No.9 rank in the world (up from No.22 on April 14). India’s Maharashtra state, with 65,168 cases, would rank No.19 in the world if it were a country (up from No.44 on April 24)
  • Qatar became the 20th country to cross 50,000 cases
  • 10 countries have crossed 150,000 cases (up from 1 on April 3)
  • 12 countries have crossed 100,000 cases (up from 3 on April 3)
  • 20 countries have crossed 50,000 cases (up from 8 on April 3)
  • 33 countries have crossed 25,000 cases (up from 11 on April 3)
  • 44 countries have crossed 15,000 cases (up from 16 on April 16)
  • 52 countries have crossed 10,000 cases (up from 23 on April 16)
  • 62 countries have crossed 7,500 cases (up from 26 on April 16)
  • 67 countries have crossed 5,000 cases (up from 20 on April 16)

  • 6 countries have crossed 25,000 deaths (up from 0 on April 3)
  • 13 countries have crossed 5,000 deaths (up from 5 on April 3)
  • 19 countries have crossed 2,500 deaths (up from 7 on April 3)
  • 26 countries have crossed 1,000 deaths (up from 10 on April 3)
  • 39 countries have crossed 500 deaths (up from 16 on April 16)

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