Narendra Modi becomes longest-serving non-Congress Prime Minister of India

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India is not just celebrating 73 years (26,665 days) of independence today, but also 2274 days of Modi Sarkar.

Yes, the 70-year-old Narendra Damodardas Modi has become the longest-serving non-Congress Prime Minister of India, crossing the 2273-day (6 years, 3 months) record of another BJP prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

While Modi is currently serving the third month of a second five-year term, Late Prime Minister Vajpayee had three terms, of 16 days, 570 days and 1687 days, respectively.

Modi has also become the fourth-longest serving Indian PM. The three former PMs with longer terms, all from the Indian National Congress party, are:

Of the 26,665 days since 15 August 1947, the Congress party ruled India for 20,920 days (78.45% of the period), including 19,871 days of direct rule, and 1,049 days of indirect rule, where they supported other weaker parties’ prime ministers.

The BJP comes next with 4,546 days (17.05%) of its own governments, during which it has ruled /is ruling the country as the leading party of the National Democratic Alliance.

During the balance 1,199 days (4.5%), there were two PMs, Morarji Desai and V.P. Singh, who ruled with support from the BJP or its predecessors. Therefore, one can say that the BJP has directly or indirectly ruled India for 21.55% of the post-independence period.

657 days from today, on 2 June 2022, India will mark the longest period (2930 days) of non-Congress rule in history.

It will surpass the 2929-day period from 16 May 1996 (last day of the P.V. Narasimha Rao government) to 22 May 2004 (first day of the Dr Manmohan Singh — or Sonia Gandhi — government), although that 2929-day period included 656 days of two governments (headed by H.D. Deve Gowda and I.K. Gujral) which were supported by the Congress; therefore, in a true sense, the 2274 days of Narendra Modi as PM is also the longest period of non-Congress rule.



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