The Army Chief vs. the Prime Minister

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“With all due respect, madam, we believe that revoking AFSPA from Kashmir is a terrible mistake,” said the 6’2” tall broad-shouldered General, looking into the eyes of the 5’3”, small-built PM.

“Is army going to teach me how to do my job?” she almost barked back at him, “For years, you people are bhaayolating human rights dyaire. You are raping and killing thousands of innocent Muslims. I will not have this when I am PM. I will not change my dishishaan. Right away withdraw thaarty paarshent of your troops from Jommu & Koshmir. It is coshting too maach. I have to pheex the economy which was broken by that man Mehta. Once these soljaars come back, they can help build roads and bhells for poor peoples in the bhillages, especially for minority peoples.”

“As you say, madam.”

There was no point in arguing with her. He had to think of something else. He would not have his soldiers digging wells. This was not why they signed up to join the military.

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