Only 34% of Indians give thumbs up to Donald Trump; 78% for Narendra Modi

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According to an annual poll by leading American analytics and advisory firm Gallup, as displayed in this graphic by leading provider of market and consumer data Statista, with the U.S. presidential elections just 6 days away, approval of U.S. President Donald Trump is varying widely across Asia, with Mongolia (62%) and the Philippines (58%) exhibiting the highest level of support.

Only 34% of Indians approved of Trump‘s leadership. Compare this with a whopping 78% approval rating for Indian PM Narendra Modi in an India Today magazine poll of August 2020. Yes, Donald Trump would definitely not win if he was sanding for an election in India.

Other Asian countries with a majority of people approving of the U.S. president were Nepal (54%) and Myanmar (53%). The least support came out of Laos (8%).

Overall, the world disapproved of President Trump: His administration’s global approval rating was at a median of 33%, compared with a disapproval rating of 42%. Median approval was lowest in Europe at 24%, followed by Asia at 32%. Approval grew in the Americas to 34% this year and was highest in Africa at a median 52%. The highest approval ratings in Europe came out of Kosovo at 82%, followed by Albania at 67%. In the Americas, Dominicans were most supportive of Trump, with 56% saying they approved of U.S. leadership, while in Africa, Togo (69%) and Niger (68%) showed Trump the most support.

Within the U.S., Trump’s approval rating since he was sworn in as President over 45 months ago, has ranged from a low of 35% on 29 October 2017 (almost exactly three years ago), to a high of 49% on 16 February 2020, as well as on 22 March 2020 and 13 May 2020. His latest rating on 28 September 2020 was 46%, which means that the 3rd November presidential election will be close.

Narendra Modi is amongst the 3 most popular democratically elected leaders in a home country.


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