Shimla 549, Bhatinda 383, Varanasi 52, Bhubaneswar 47, Mangalore 43; Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai high!

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Did you know that the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in India’s capital, Delhi, was the fastest growing airport in the world in 2017, overtaking six airports in a year, with a growth rate of more than 14%?
Surely, you didn’t. Well, now you know. IGIA handled 63.5 million passengers in 2017. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) in Mumbai handled 49 million.
Amongst other big global airports, IGIA overtook Denver (USA), Incheon (South Korea) and Singapore’s Changi Airport in passenger traffic. It must be noted here that Changi Airport is ranked in most surveys as the world’s best airport. In the current year (2018), IGIA is expected to overtake Istanbul (Turkey), Frankfurt (Germany), Guangzhou (China), Dallas/FortWorth (USA), Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport, and the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, to emerge as the world’s 10th busiest airport.
If Narendra Modi is re-elected as Prime Minister of India in 2019, the world will not be surprised if IGIA Delhi becomes the world’s 6th busiest airport by the end of that year. India’s high flying Prime Minister is not just leading the overall nation to unprecedented growth rates, but is also giving special emphasis to making flying affordable to 50% of the nation’s 1.34 billion people.
The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in USA (104 million passengers), Beijing’s Capital International Airport  in China (96 million), Dubai Airport (88 million passengers), Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport in Japan (85 million) and the Los Angeles International Airport in USA (84.6 million passengers) were the TOP FIVE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS ON EARTH LAST YEAR.
IGIA is one amongst several Indian airports with double (and even TRIPLE) digit growth rates. Domestic traffic grew by 25% in April 2018. Indian airports handled 28.22 million passengers during the month. The growth in Shimla Airport was 549%, Bhatinda grew by an impressive 383%, while Varanasi grew at over 52%, Bhubaneswar 47%, Mangalore 43%.
Air_Traffic_GraphicIn Mysore, the total passenger movement shot up to 3600 from the low hundreds. Shimla, Shillong, Ludhiana, Bhuntar, Pathankot and Salem also had huge growth in passenger traffic. If this growth rate continues, Indian airports will carry over 1450 million passengers this year.
Chennai Airport grew 18.1% in March 2018 (compared with March 2017) and 13.4% in April 2018 (compared with the previous year).
Domestic Airlines in India are amongst the fastest growing airlines in terms of fleet size, they are yet to have a proper GROWTH HACKING STRATEGY to plan their routes and flight utilisation. They buy planes, mostly of 1-2 sizes, and then they figure where to fly these planes and at what time, and how to price the seats. This is called TRIAL & ERROR. It is also called “failing to plan is planning to fail.”
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