Aloo ki Factory

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We, the world’s second largest public polling / surveying platform across all social media  – ran a Poll on Twitter and asked people “For which action of his should Congress party president Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) be awarded with the nation’s highest honour – the BHARAT RATNA.”

The background of this Poll was that RaGa has said some seriously stupid things in his speeches in India and abroad – and has been the brunt of jokes on Social Media for his regular guffaws.

16 options were given to the respondents. A whopping 50,183 people responded / voted on the Poll. The most number (30.7%) chose the option “Aloo ki Factory,”  something RaGa had promised to establish in Uttar Pradesh back in October, 2016. In a distant second place with 16.2% votes was the option “Who gave milk to the people of Gujarat?”. Back in March 2014, while campaigning for the last Lok Sabha elections, he had said that Gujarati women gave milk to Gujarat. In third place with 11.7% of the total votes polled was the option about his action of entering a ladies toilet in October, 2017, while campaigning in Gujarat. In a close fourth place with 11.2% votes was the option that referred to RaGa saying “is desh ko jawaab ka sawaal dena hi padega, choice nahin hai” also in October 2017.


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