Gabbar Singh Tax

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We, the world’s second largest public polling / surveying platform across all social media¬† – ran a Poll on Twitter which asked – “WITH GST SET TO COMPLETE ONE YEAR, WAS RAHUL GANDHI WRONG IN CALLING IT A GABBAR SINGH TAX?”

The background of this Poll was that Rahul Gandhi had called GST a Gabbar Singh Tax several times in the 9-10 months following its implementation by the Narendra Modi government in July 2017. He (and his cronies) said that businesses would shut down, the middle class will go bankrupt as prices would increase, and traders would be begging on the streets. However, one year later we have seen that, in reality:

  • Government revenues from indirect taxes increased 6.5%
  • Prices of goods and services did NOT increase
  • The middle class did NOT go bankrupt
  • Businesses did NOT shut down
  • Traders are NOT begging on the street

Did Rahul Gandhi shoot his mouth off too early? Did he (or his advisors) understand GST properly? The evidence proves otherwise.

12,996 people responded / voted on the Poll. More than four-fifths (82%) said YES, giving RaGa (Mr. Gandhi) yet another snub.

Will this man ever mature?



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