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  1. Amit i am shocked to hear whats happening at Twitter!!!!!
    I have read several of your tweets, and i rather enjoyed them, the are far from being abusive in my opinion.
    I am suspicious of the Term “free speech” as read in the context of social media, unfortunately any opinion that is not in favour, of people who influence and or create “followers”is auto classified as “ABUSIVE”. The powers that influence social media will only use (read abuse) its reach, extent and ability for their gains.

    Any polls or opinions expressed that may be independent (rare word nowadays) of any influence and that may reflect the REAL opinion or decision of the people, will be categorised as FAKE/ ABUSIVE etc…..

    I think Twitter is under pressure here from “Someone” otherwise deleting all handles is absurd and unwarranted.

    I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

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