Bangladeshis, Pakis & Nepalis in India

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Did you know that, as in 2013, we had 3.23 million Bangladeshis, 1.13 million Pakistanis, 553,000 Nepalis and 158,000 Lankans in India? And these are just based on “official” records – we all know how accurate those are.

Against these 5.07 million foreign immigrants in India, we have 13.7 million Indians either settled or living & working abroad.

What is an even bigger surprise – against an import of 1.13 million Pakistanis, we have exported 1.4 million Indians to our western neighbour. The case is not very different with Nepal and Sri Lanka – we have many more Indians in both those countries than their nationals in ours.

Do you find something wrong with this? Why did Indians have to go to Nepal, Sri Lanka and even Pakistan – in search of livelihood? Certainly the forefathers of Rahul Gandhi have a lot to answer for.

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