Twitter Ad Revenues Fall

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Do you know how much Twitter’s advertising revenues have fallen in the first quarter (January-March) of 2018?

While the international ad revenues fell about 5%, the US ad revenues fell 15.8%. The total advertising revenues fell 10.7%, quite a steep fall.

Given the new policies put in place by Twitter in the second quarter – legitimization of advertiser through a 2-page website and what not, as well as the fact that Twitter had deleted 70 million fake or suspicious accounts in May and June, which includes hundreds of paying advertisers, the advertising revenues in the second quarter are expected to fall by higher precentages in the second quarter.

The removal of so many fake accounts may have impacted Twitter’s number of monthly active users.

Twitter is cracking down on locked accounts that is bringing down follower counts of users world over, including Twitter itself. A day after the social network announced that it will hide bots or fake users to limit their reach and visibility, Twitter’s official account has lost over 55 million followers. President Donald Trump is said to have lost over 300,000 followers, while former president Barack Obama’s follower count is down by 3.1 million. Twitter Founder-CEO Jack Dorsey revealed on Thursday that he had lost 200,000 followers. Pop culture icons Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have lost a few million followers each. Star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo lost about 1.3 million.

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