A Riveting History of Tata Group

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Amit writes a riveting history of the Tata group and captures the sense of nostalgia associated with JRD Tata and the early industrial efforts. Importantly, Amit takes an outside-in view of the carefully cultivated image of the group, its inflexion points and the family. Strong brands tend to overwhelm objectivity and it takes courage to present a different perspective, through the filter of facts and figures. It has been a puzzle to many folks why a stalwart like Mr. Ratan Tata often talked about a lack of the `right’ person to take over from him. Indeed, you would assume that the Tata group, more than any other group, would continuously nurture tall leaders and ensure a deep bench for timely transition. While there may not be any direct answers, we certainly have plenty of cultural markers in corporate India. Generally speaking, it’s a good thing to stir the pot and stimulate critical thinking on the Tata group, an institution close to many an Indian heart. `OK Tata’ does that well.

Sampath “Sam” Iyengar
PE Investor, Advisor & Former Global CEO

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