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Call it tongue-in-cheek or cheeky, the title of this book itself is intriguing enough for browsers at a bookshop to pick it up in an instant. That is only if they haven’t done so already, after identifying Amit Bagaria as the author. A frank voice that opines in a no-holds-barred manner, Amit plays not only the single role of an author, but also that of part historian, part observer, part journalist, and part critic. Loaded with data, figures, graphs, and photographs, this quick handy guide about the Tata Group is a researched compendium replete with analysis and commentary. While certain sections may be seen as provocative, at the end, the reader is left to form their own opinion. Facts peppered with criticism and praise, the easily comprehensible language, and the minimal use of jargon makes OK Tata an effortless, informative read.

Preeyam Budhia
President – Business Development, Patton Group

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