TV Channel Bias

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Look at the graph – the Leftist (Communist) parties have been steadily losing ground in India. The downfall had started after 1991, and except a bump in 2004, they have been on a constant decline in terms of winning Lok Sabha seats.

Despite the fact that all left parties put together have just 12 seats in the current 16th Lok Sabha (2.2% of the total), their spokespersons get 20-25% time on national news TV debates – including the obnoxious Suneet Chopra, who makes no sense, but continues to scream as loud as his aged vocal cords will allow.

Other small parties such as Samajwadi Party (7 seats), NCP (6), Aam Aadmi Party (4), RJD (1) and even Bahujan Samaj Party (0 seats in the 16th Lok Sabha), while much larger parties such as Trinamool Congress (as many as 34 seats, almost 3 times more than all leftist parties put together), Biju Janata Dal (19), Shiv Sena (16), Telugu Desam Party (16), Telangana Rashtra Samiti (11) and Lok Janashakti Party (6) are hardly ever seen.

A one-member party AIMIM gets about 5% of TV time. While it is fair that a Muslim minority representation is a must in our secular nation, why not the Indian Union Muslim League, which has 2 seats?

Will someone tell Arnab, Navika, the Rahuls, et all, that they need to be more fair in their selection of political party representation?

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