29 + 23 = 52

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The Indian “NATIONAL” Congress won 52 seats across 29 states and 7 Union Territories.

Of these 52 seats, 59.6% (31 seats) came from two Southern states (Tamil Nadu and Kerala) and Punjab. Another 2 seats were from UT’s.

In the two Southern states, the BJP hardly has any presence – either in the past or at present. In Punjab also, the BJP does not have a strong presence, and depends on its ally, the Shiromani Akali Dal. Congress won the 8 seats in Tamil Nadu NOT because of Rahul Gandhi’s popularity, but because of an anti-AIADMK or pro-DMK wave. Also, Congress won the 8 seats in Punjab NOT because of Rahul Gandhi’s popularity, but because of its regional satrap, Capt. Amarinder Singh.

Therefore, Congress won ONLY 19 SEATS from 26 states and 5 UT’s, at an average of 0.61 seats per state. That is because Congress won 0 (ZERO) seats in 22 States and UT’s. Truly an Indian NATIONAL Congress.

If BJP did have a strong presence in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu, there was no way that Congress would have won more than 6 seats in these two states. That would have reduced Congress to 35 seats across India.

If Capt. Amarinder Singh quits the Congress and either starts his own party or joins the BJP, Congress will not win more than 2 seats in Punjab, reducing its tally to just 29 seats won due to the Gandhis’ popularity.


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