Prime Minister Mayawati

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Here are 10 reasons why Mayawati should be Prime Minister of India, and not Narendra Modi:

1) BSP won 10 seats

2) That’s 10 more than in 2014

3) So what if BSP was not amongst the top 8 parties in number of seats, it is amongst the Top 10

4) She can speak 10 words in English

5) She can also speak 10 words extempore in Hindi, without referring to a prepared speech

6) She cried 10 times about EVM tampering

7) She said that Election Commission is a BJP agent 10 times

8) She has 10 handbags costing over ₹2.5 lakhs each

9) More than 10 crore people contributed cash to her party

10) She has more than 10 thousand crores of personal wealth

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