Second Indo-Pak War (1965)

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On August 5, about 30,000 Pakistani soldiers crossed the LOC dressed as Kashmiri locals, and took positions inside J&K. Indian forces responded by crossing the LOC on August 15.

The 39-day war caused 3,000 Indian and 3,800 Pakistani casualties, and witnessed the largest engagement of tanks and armoured vehicles since World War II.

A UN-mandated ceasefire was declared following diplomatic intervention by USA and USSR, and the subsequent Tashkent Declaration of January 10, 1966.

Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri died a mysterious death. Was he murdered? Who did his death suit the most? Don’t Indians have a right to know the truth? Shouldn’t Narendra Modi reopen an investigation?

India had the upper hand at the time of the ceasefire.

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