Will Trump be Impeached?

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As the Indian diaspora in Thailand gets ready to say Sawasdee PM Modi (Welcome PM Narendra Modi), USA may be getting ready to say Kār xảlā (farewell) or Lā k̀xn (bye-bye) to President Donald Trump. PM Modi is visiting Thailand for the ASEAN-India Summit, the East Asia Summit and the RCEP Summit.

For those who do not understand the American political or governmental system, it is too difficult for me to explain it here but I would suggest that you get yourself a copy of my book “MR.PRESIDENT…YES, PRIME MINISTER”, which explains the differences between the Indian parliamentary system and the American presidential system and also gives examples of other types of political/government systems, such as the Dual Executive Premier-Presidential System followed in France, Poland, Sri Lanka, and 20 other countries; the President-Parliamentary System followed in Russian and some 15 other countries; and the Monarch-PM dual executive system in some countries. It also gives details of different types of elections for parliament, which are followed in Germany, Israel, New Zealand, etc. The book is available for ₹349 (with Free Delivery for Prime members) on Amazon HERE and for ₹299 (with Free Delivery for everyone) at my Website HERE

Anyways, let me come back to the current situation with Trump in USA. He was elected as the 45th POTUS (President of the United States) on a Republican Party ticket. The US has just 2 main parties, all others are much smaller and have no Representatives (similar to our Lok Sabha MPs) or Senators (similar to our Rajya Sabha MPs). In fact, in living memory, none have ever had.

Since Day 1, his opposition party – the Democratic Party – has been wanting to impeach him (throw him out of office) on alleged charges of colliding with Russia to win his election. Impeachment requires a 2/3 vote in the House of Representatives (Lower House) as well as the Senate (Upper House).

Since the Democratic Party is now the ruling party in the House of Representatives and the Senate – told you that you need a copy of my book to understand the American system – it has upped the ante. Many politicians and mediapersons (most of the media hates Trump just as he hates them) claim that many republicans are willing to “cross the aisle” and vote in favour of impeaching him.

Leading pollsters (market research firms), including YouGov, IPSOS, Selzer & Co, and Morning Consult, carried out surveys to gauge the mood of the public. Leading Statistics firm STATISTA has put the results together, including an average of the 4 polls, in the graphic attached with this post.

The average of the 4 polls suggests that 46% of the American public want Trump out, 42% want him to stay, while 13% are “not sure”. Will Trump become the 3rd POTUS to be impeached?

Impeaching an American President is rare. It’s only happened twice in American history — to Presidents Andrew Johnson (in May 1868) and Bill Clinton (in December 1998) — and neither of those times resulted in the POTUS being removed from office.

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