Top 10 Countries by Military Expenditure

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Just look at the graph of who’s spending how much on defence!!!

The data from SIPRI – the world’s foremost authority on arms spending and sales (as published by STATISTA) – is mind-boggling.

USA’s expenditure (3.17% of its GDP) is almost 2.6 times the world’s second superpower, CHINA (1.84% of its GDP), almost 10.6 times of the world’s third most powerful country by military strength, RUSSIA (3.7% of its GDP), and almost 9.8 times of the world’s fourth most powerful country by military strength, INDIA (2.5% of our GDP).

Those who do not understand world geopolitics cannot even imagine why Saudi Arabia is spending 8.64% of its GDP on defence.

Do read my book USAma – Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist – if you are interested to understand world geopolitics better, and also why USA is spending so much on its military. People who have read it have loved it. It is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Read the 77 Customer Reviews HERE.

In the spine-chilling book, I tell you how the USA is responsible for the deaths of at least 7.3 million people after World War II. I take you through an extraordinary journey of illegal/immoral acts carried out by USA against 82 sovereign nations, which are mostly unknown to even the average citizen of USA. I show you how, in one way or the other, USA has bullied its way to global dominance – interfering in our day to day lives, working perhaps for the benefit of only its super powerful Military Industrial Complex – which I have described in detail, in the book.

USAma” is a term I coined to describe USA.

Either through drones or airstrikes, surgical strikes or full-scale military invasions, USAma has created havoc in more than half the world. In other countries, different types of weapons have been used – from porn films to poison, from blackmailing to torture, from fake news to fake public protests – all through CIA.

Even the most educated amongst us have been made to believe that USA is justified – as the global policeman – in helping weaker nations fight evil, whether in the form of Communism or Islamism. This is despite the fact that, to serve its own selfish purposes, USA has supported some of the most brutal dictators, helped in the establishment of fundamentalist Islamic regimes, and even supported Communist regimes in some cases. THAT is the power of American propaganda.

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