Jai Hind

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To our youth, I say:

We are leaving behind a country that will face disaster due to climate change,
We don’t want to leave you with the additional burden of crime-rate change!

Our generation grew up living in a country that was always secular,
Little did we realise till very recently that many things were peculiar!

What is the meaning of having a secular national anthem?
When many laws are different for us, and different for “them”!

When priests of one faith are paid salaries from taxpayers money,
While those of the majority faith have to fund their own journey!

We were fooled in the mid-1940s to accept the two-nation theory,
As we didn’t realise that 75 years later there would be a new story!

In the late 1980s, “they” threw out Kashmiri Pandits from their motherland,
And now “they” want us to admit people of “their” faith from other land!

For 331 years, “they” already ruled our nation,
Plundered all our riches and stole our ration,
Raped our mothers & sisters with no hesitation,
Destroyed our temples with no one to question!

Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon are “their” celebrated heroes,
Even though for our nation they are lower than zeroes!

After 75 years, “they” once again want azadi,
This time with the clarity: “Hinduon se azadi“!

Most of our foreign enemies want India to remain economically weak,
Others don’t want the majority religion to be strong and reach its peak!

What better opportunity for such nations to take advantage of lunatics,
By funding violent protests and using the tactics of divide & rule politics,
They find support from some parties who are just playing vote-bank politics,
And from some celebrities who jump in with their own antics & heroics!

9.8% in 1951, 11.8% in 1981, 14.2% in 2011, is this because of oppression,
Please look at the numbers and decide who has suffered discrimination!

Wake up young Indians, as “their” agenda is “Ghazwa-e-Hind”
While ours always was and will be “Jai Hind, Jai Hind, Jai Hind”

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