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One of the top trending hashtags on Twitter India right now is #मोदीजी_बकवास_बंद_करो

I have a question for the IDIOTS who are trending this. What exactly was the बकवास (rubbish) in the 28-minute address to the nation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi? One positive is that they are referring to him as मोदीजी instead of just मोदी.

Is there a very important election on Tuesday and the PM has told the opposition to implement the #JantaCurfew and stay at home instead of campaigning? Will the “voluntary” Janta Curfew increase the vote share of BJP by 5% in the next elections? Or is the problem related to the Shaheen Bagh protests? Is Rahul Gandhi supposed to attend a big party in Delhi? Or Mamata in Kolkata? Will the self-imposed curfew lead to another Ajmal Kasab smuggling into Mumbai?

The reality is that the जनता कर्फ्यू  (Janta Curfew) is just a Hindi term for Social Distancing. Is that the problem? That the PM has used Hindi? WHAT EXACTLY IS THE ISSUE?

As all of you must have experienced, the volume of WhatsApp messages and memes in the last 15-20 days has multiplied 5-fold or 10-fold. That’s more because people have much more free time now, rather than any other explainable reason. Does it mean that people who are forwarding the WhatsApp messages care more for those they are forwarding them to? Personally, I don’t think so!

The human tendency is to show off that he or she knows more than you or me, or knows something before you and I do. That’s the reason people are forwarding so many memes or messages. To be the first to forward a particular meme or message.

Rich business owners are complaining on social media that their business is going to be negatively affected due to all the precautions the Government of India is taking to fight Covid_19 (the Coronavirus). How selfish!!! Is their wealth more important than the lives of fellow Indians?

Until yesterday, Modi-haters were complaining that the Govt. is not doing enough, and were forwarding videos or messages of what other nations are doing. Now, after the PM’s speech, the same people are saying “How will a one-day self-imposed curfew help?” Nothing is enough for those who only love themselves.

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