This Too Shall Pass

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In thousands, first the Chinese were dying

Very soon, many more Italians were dying

In Spain and Iran too, thousands were crying

As many of their loved ones were also dying

At home in India, millions of people were partying

Many of them were even mocking and laughing

Happens only to them not to us, they were saying

But a small fraction of Indians was rightly praying

Then one day, we listened in rapt attention

As our Prime Minister addressed the nation

Before the speech, there was a lot of speculation

Was Coronavirus seriously affecting our nation?

The PM asked us to do something quite unusual

Which, only for a day, would affect our life as usual

Stay at home for fourteen hours on Sunday, the PM said

Why this Janata Curfew in India if only seven were dead?

Over twenty-seven thousand die in India each day

Who died due to Coronavirus, how can we truly say?

When data collection and reporting is very insufficient

Italy, Spain and even China being far more efficient

If there are over thirteen hundred cases in Malaysia

514 in Indonesia, 254 in Croatia, and 75 in Tunisia

Over 81,000 cases in China and over 59,000 in Italy

Almost 500 just in the Mediterranean island of Sicily

How can there be less than 500 in the second largest nation?

Which has the world’s largest below poverty population

Baes on the average of the world’s 25 most populated nations

There should be 157,400 cases in India as per simple calculations

The official figure of less than five hundred with Coronavirus

On the face of it might look very positive and quite desirous

This doesn’t mean that the government is lying

I’m quite sure that everyone involved is trying

Given the fact that our healthcare system is quite inadequate

Any and all data will not just be inaccurate, it will also be late

It would thus be wrong for any one of us to wait

Unless we want to be first in line at Heaven’s Gate

If you want to be safe, follow this simple guideline

Stay at home, don’t unnecessarily stand in a line

Whether it’s for medicines or even for groceries

Everything now has home delivery with no worries

Wash your hands often and keep your throat wet

Don’t touch your face even to wipe off your sweat

Follow the other precautions that are going around

This too shall pass, if we stay within our home ground

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