30% of World Population in Lockdown

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Almost 2.35 billion people (more than 30% of the global population) are currently under a Lockdown due to the COVID-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic, as per this Statista graphic.

This does not include China, which had over 53% of its population under complete lockdown during the peak of the pandemic in that country, but has eased some restrictions as the disease has been brought under control in the last 30 days.

India is not the only country with a complete statutory lockdown. Bangladesh, France, UK, Italy, South Africa, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Malaysia, Belgium, Jordan, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, and Kuwait also have 100% lockdowns. More than half of Americans are under a lockdown.

What’s not in the graphic is the fact that major populations are also under lockdown in several other countries:

  • All 163 million in Bangladesh (100% of the population)
  • All 60.5 million in Italy
  • More than 43 million in Pakistan
  • Almost 38 million in Poland
  • Almost 32 million in Malaysia (near 100% lockdown)
  • More than 21 million in Nigeria
  • About 15.8 million in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia
  • About 13.3 million in the German state of Bavaria
  • More than 12.5 million in Moscow (Russia)
  • About 11.6 million in Belgium (100% of the population)
  • About 10.2 million in Jordan (100% of the population)
  • Almost 5.8 million in Denmark (100% of the population)
  • More than 5.4 million in Norway (100% of the population)
  • More than 4.9 million in Ireland (100% of the population)
  • Almost 4.8 million in New Zealand
  • Almost 4.3 million in Kuwait (100% of the population)

Indonesia is poised to lock down 30 million people (11% of its population) and Russia 133 million outside Moscow. Many other countries are likely to follow suit. There are already severe restrictions in place in Kenya, Morocco, amongst others.

President Trump has talked about a nationwide lockdown but many State Governors and City Mayors are severely opposing this, and as per laws in USA, the federal government may not be able to enact a nationwide lockdown unless an emergency is declared. With cases in USA having now crossed 152,600 (up 2.24 times in just 5 days) and deaths having crossed 2,800, an emergency is what that country probably needs.

This should be forwarded to all Indians who are writing articles, social media posts or posting videos opposing the 21 day lockdown imposed by Prime Minister Modi.

How long before half or more of the world population will be under lockdown? I would say give it maximum 10 more days!!!

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