Which Countries have the Highest Growing Coronavirus Deaths?

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The 21 countries in this Table are those which have reported at least 100 deaths related to the COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 / 2019-nCOv Coronavirus Pandemic. 32 countries have now reported 50+ deaths each.

While the world has seen 79.8% new deaths in the last 5 days, the top 5 countries in this Table have reported 227.3% more deaths, with UK topping at 284.8%. The next 5 countries (Nos. 6 to 10) have reported 159.6% more deaths, and the next 5 (Nos. 11 to 15) 104.7% more deaths.

Of the 21 countries with 100+ deaths, as many as 14 have reported at least 100% growth in just 5 days, with an average of 170.4% (for these 14 countries), which is more than double the global average of 79.8%. There is no doubt that these 14 countries are monitoring the situation much better than other countries, and are most probably doing many more tests than dozens of other countries.

The worldwide death count has reached 49,189. Italy has the highest, at 13,155, followed by Spain 10,003.

Just 2.5 hours back, I had written in my daily Data Analytics Study post that the global death count will cross 50,000 y 11:30 pm IST today. It now seems that that could happen even earlier.

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