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Most advertisers in India – whether companies, firms, political parties, individuals, trusts, charities, or NGOs, are not spending wisely on #SocialMedia or for that matter any form of media.
We can help you (or your clients, in case you are an advertising or media buying agency) grow the effectiveness of your SM spend by 5x or even more.
Who are we? http://www.peoplenchoices is India’s largest consumer research company. We are part of the http://www.MyVoteToday group, which is India’s largest political pollster. Arus Advisors helps brands and advertisers with growth hacking strategies to increase their reach on all forms of media, including print, TV, radio, digital and social.
Everything we do is based on solidly researched hard facts.  That’s why most of our clients give us regular repeat business. Want to speak to our clients about us? We can arrange a call.
TRY US with a sample assignment at 50% of our regular charges. We believe that you will not regret it. 
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