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http://www.peoplenchoices.comIndia’s largest non-political consumer insight polling platform – is carrying out INDIA’S LARGEST EVER SURVEY of which BRANDS OR COMPANIES HAVE THE BEST ADS. We handpicked 100 brands which have big advertising spends across media platforms for this survey.

A total of 57,741 responses were received in the first round, with an average of 577 responses per brand.

For the second round, 16 brands/companies – which received less than 320 responses were dropped. Some of them received less than 100 responses. In alphabetical order, these brands/companies are AirBnB, Berger Paints, Chattisgarh Tourism, Daawat Basmati, FBB, Gionee, Hitachi, JustDial App, Kotak Bank, MasterCard, Panasonic, Rasna, SBI, Snapdeal, Vicco and the world’s largest automobile group – Volkswagen.

Who is to blame for consumers not liking the Ads of these brands – the creative agency or the brand’s managers/marketing team?

Taking a complete unbiased view, we would say that it cannot be the creative agency, as some other brand/s handled by the same agency/agencies are probably in the Top 25 in the same survey.

Therefore, it has to be the brand/company’s marketing team. TIME TO INTROSPECT, FOLKS – another alternative, talk to us, and we can ensure you come in the Top 50 in the next six months.


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