McD & Coke in a MERC?

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We, the world’s second largest public polling / surveying platform across all social media  – ran a Poll on Twitter which asked – “SHOULD MCDONALD’S, MERCEDES AND COCA COLA SUE RAHUL GANDHI FOR DEFAMATION?”

The background of this Poll was a speech Rahul Gandhi made on June 10, 2018, in which he said the founder of Coke (John Pemberton) used to make Shikanji (Nimbupani) and the founder of McDonald’s (Richard and Maurice McDonald) used to run a Dhaba. He also said the founders of Ford (Henry Ford), Mercedes (Gottlieb Damlier and Karl Benz) and Honda (Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa) were ‘mechanics’ whose skills were recognised by the meritocratic system in their countries and allowed them to prosper.

By the same token, he should have said that the founders of Google (Larry Page and Sergei Brin) used to play Hide and Seek when they were young. Well, so did I? But Google obviously found much more than I ever could.

12,242 people responded / voted on the Poll. More than four-fifths (82%) said YES. Are Coke, Ford, Honda, McDonald’s and Mercedes Benz listening?


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