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A Chicken Maharaja Mac at McDonald’s (equivalent to the Big Mac beef burger sold worldwide) at McDonald’s costs ₹177 ($2.60) in India.

In Switzerland, it costs 2.6 times more, and in Sweden 2.35 times more; even the cost of living in these countries is about that many times higher than in India, so the cost of a McDonald’s Big Mac is a good indication of the cost of living in a country.

In USA, the Big Mac burger costs 2.03 times more than in India, in France and Italy 97.7% more, and in Spain 86.2% more.

In Germany, the burger costs 83.5% more, in UK 69.6% more, in Argentina 52.3% more. In fact even in UAE, the same/similar burger costs 46.5% more than India. In Japan, the price is higher by 31.9% and in China higher by 21.9%.

Russia is 11.9% cheaper than India and Ukraine is 36.9% cheaper. Having been to Ukraine, I can vouch for this. Everything is 30-40% cheaper than India.


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