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We, the world’s second largest public polling / surveying platform across all social media  – ran a Poll on Twitter which asked – “IF RAHUL GANDHI WAS A BRAND AMBASSADOR, WHICH BRAND WOULD BE BE THE MOST SUITABLE FOR BEING THEIR BRAND AMBASSADOR?” This was not a serious poll, but just a tease of sorts.

Eight choices were given to the voters, arranged in alphabetical order: Amul Baby, BJP, Champak, Comedy Central, Congress Party, Gemini Circus, Parle Baby-g and Pogo. Note that any of these brands are fictitous (do not exist in reality).

A whopping 25,913 people responded / voted on the Poll. Almost one-third of them (32.2%) chose Pogo, which is a real brand – it is a kids’ TV channel. In second place was Amul Baby (a fictitious brand) with 21%, followed by Parle Baby-G (another fictitious brand) at third place with 14.6% of the votes.

Don’t people just want to make fun of RaGa, one of the nicknames for Rahul Gandhi? The other is “Pappu”.



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