Congress Anti Social

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We, the world’s second largest public polling / surveying platform across all social media¬† – ran a Poll on Twitter which asked – “OUT OF BJP AND CONGRESS, WHICH PARTY IS DOUNG BETTER SOCIAL MEDIA PUBLICITY?”

16,284 people responded / voted on the Poll, AND A SURPRISING 80% VOTED FOR BJP. Surprising because, in the last few months, many people on social media (and outside of it) have been saying that Congress is doing a better job on SM than BJP.

This Poll is a slap on the face of those who have been criticising¬†BJP’s social media strategy, and praising the Congress SM team after it was taken over by Kannada actress Ramya (Twitter handle @divyaspandana). It shows that the BJP Sm team led by @amitmalviya is CLEARLY doing a better job.



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