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In the last few days, Republic TV‘s chief anchor, Arnab Goswami, has made many references to the possibility of CIA funding the #TukdeTukdeGang and their supporters – popularly known as the BREAK INDIA FORCES – some of whom are regulars on his own TV debates.

What is the CIA and what is it capable of?

CIA stands for the Central Intelligence Agency, USA’s foreign spy agency. It is the most well-funded spy agency in the world, with an annual budget of ~$22 billion (₹ 156,600 crores). Compare this to Russia’s spying budget of $9 billion, China’s $ 8.7 billion and India’s $ 0.86 billion, and you see the difference.

In my tenth book, “USAma – the Global Terrorist”, where I give detailed accounts of how USA has carried out illegal/immoral acts against 82 sovereign nations post World War II, I also cover many of the activities of CIA.

The best example of what Arnab is referring to may perhaps be found in Chapter 21 titled “Not the Equator” starting on Page 240. Chapter 11 titled “Sounds Greek to Me“, Chapter 14 titled “Java Coffee“, Chapter 16 titled “21 Coups in 21 years“, Chapter 18 titled “Miss Universe“, Chapter 19 titled “Persian Carpets“, and Chapter 25 titled “430 Volcanic Islands“, as well as Pages 103-104, also have spine-chilling accounts of CIA activities worldwide.

USA, China and India are currently the world’s three largest economies in terms of purchasing power parity. USA knows that it has lost the economic battle against China, which will become the world’s largest economy very soon. USA is also unable to destabilise China, as China’s one party system does not allow for any political instability.

That leaves India. With our fractured polity, we are easy prey to USA’s destabilisation activities through the CIA. The two Indian Prime Ministers who most greatly damaged our own  foreign spy agency RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) were Morarji Desai and Inder Kumar Gujral; both non-Congress, non-BJP Prime Ministers. Maybe USA thinks that it can further damage India by facilitating the election of another non-Congress, non-BJP Prime Minister of India.

Having authored ten books, I can definitely say that “USAma – the Global Terrorist” is my best book till date. Why don’t you read it and tell me what you like or dislike about it?

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