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Pakistan-trained and Pakistan-sponsored terrorists attacked the Indian security forces, once again! So what is new? Pakistan is what it is – it is an aatankistan (terror state), and now also a kangaalistan (bankrupt nation).

The problem is not with Pakistan. The problem is with India. We believe in Gandhism. Pakistan never did and never will. They don’t consider the “Mahatma” to be father of their nation.

When dealing with an unashamed nation like our western nation, we must retire Gandhism and take up Shastrism – EENT KA JAWAAB PATTHAR SE – that’s the only language that the Pakis will understand. Why speak in Hindi to a rural uneducated Tamilian? He won’t understand you.

I’ve seen over 20 TV debates in the past 3 days. The so-called experts have made dozens of suggestions. In my opinion, here is what should be done AND WHAT WILL WORK.


(1) Do a naval blockade of Karachi port. This will not just cripple Pakistan’s economy, but also their military, as they will not be able to import any oil, apart from other commodities. No country – not even China – will intervene in this.

(2) Close Indian airspace for any flights emerging from or headed to Pakistani airports. This will affect flights from Karachi and Lahore to Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and Philippines, amongst other countries.

(3) Ban all international cricketers who play in the PSL (Pakistan Super League) T-20 cricket tournament from playing in the IPL. The international cricketers earn 5-6 times more in the IPL. They will grudgingly stop playing in the PSL. This will virtually finish the PSL and will anger the public, as Pakistanis enjoy cricket as much as us. The Pakistani Army (the real power in Pakistan) has NEVER had to deal with huge public outcry, and will surely put them on to the backfoot (no pun intended).

(4) Tell all MNCs that – if they do business with Pakistan – they will be banned from doing any business with India. The US has used this as an instrument to cripple the economies of many nations around the world in the past 75 years. And it has always worked. If you think the US can do it and we can’t, you are mistaken. India’s economy is now the sixth largest in the world and cannot be ignored by any MNC. It is also 8.75 times that of Pakistan. The MNCs will be forced to stop doing business with Pakistan. This will not only further damage Pakistan’s already crippled economy, it will further anger the Pakistani public – when they can’t buy foreign goods or use Google/Facebook/Instagram any more.

(5) Cancel all Indian Visas issued to Pakistanis and stop issuing new Visas (including medical visas). This will also anger the Pakistani public.

(6) Arrest and detain all Pakistani proxies (including Afzalites, Burhanites, doublespeak politicians and stone-pelters), book them on sedition, and let the courts decide whether or not they are guilty.

(7) Take all Hurriyat leaders out of Kashmir and detain them (SEPARATELY) in various secret locations throughout the country.

(8) Anti-India (especially anti-forces) voices must be immediately banned from speaking on TV channels. No sensible nation allows this – even under the pretext of “Freedom of Speech”.

(9) India must immediately recognise the independence of Balochistan, a Baloch government-in-exile, and facilitate the opening of a Baloch Embassy in New Delhi. This will bring global attention to the atrocities being committed by the Pak Army on Balochi freedom fighters and innocent citizens.


This should be done after the effects of all the above nine non-military actions have taken place. A surgical strike will not be enough.

Any military action we take has to be like 1971. We must break-up Pakistan once again, and a majority of the local populace of two Pakistani provinces – Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa – will support this, as they want independence. Even the population of Gilgit-Baltistan may be willing. Pakistan will break up into three or four pieces once again, making it even less relevant to the world. Even China may want to support such a nation any more.

But we must not do this alone. Pakistan is surrounded by enemies. Afghanistan and Iran also have their own grudges. They would be willing to join India in a three-pronged attack on Pakistan, to help divide the rogue nation which has troubled the region.

Apart from the Islamabad Capital Territory of Pakistan, the main target is the province of Punjab, as Punjabis dominate the Pakistani Army. The image shows how the anti-Pak Afghan-Indo-Iran axis will attack on 10 fronts, with India taking 60% of the burden. Such an attack will crush Pakistan in no more than a week.

Jai Hind.

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