What Motivates Them?

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It is widely alleged that the American intelligence agency CIA (or think-tanks funded by them which operate as NGOs worldwide) fund individuals and organisations in various countries around the world, in order to cause disturbance and disruption in any country which can be seen as a challenge the USA.

These organisations are alleged to carry out various propaganda against popularly elected leaders worldwide, to further America’s agenda.

Such activities are also carried out by the Chinese state and the Russian state, amongst other world superpowers or growing powers.

It is also widely alleged that the so-called Church-Islamist-Maoist nexus funds such activities in India. Needless to say, the Islamists are supported by Pakistan and the Maoists by China.

Some people also believe that the Congress Party funds hundreds of individuals (including journalists) across India, who act as unofficial proxies for the party as well as THE DYNASTY.

So the key question is: what motivates these 15 people, to scream and shout all kinds of nonsensical anti-Modi, anti-BJP and anti-RSS venom every night on TV debates, not allowing pro-Modi voices to put forth their views?

The 15 are (from left):
TOP: Suneet Chopra, Vivek Srivastava, Dr. Tasleem Rehmani, Nishant Verma, Rajiv Desai
MIDDLE: Garga Chatterjee, Dr. Farrukh Khan, Mahmood Paracha, Dr. Sumanth C Raman, Asif Bhamla
BOTTOM: Sanjay Tatkare, Tanveer Ahmed, Abdul Razack Khan, Syed Aslam, Asad Abbas

Sometimes, they speak such nonsense that, if the anchor were to ask them how they had a fever last week, or how they sprained their ankle, they would blame PM Modi.


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