Modi screwed the economy, yeah right!!!

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This afternoon, a friend came over. He said he doesn’t want Modi to become PM, again.

Me: “Why?”

Friend: “Because he’s screwed the economy.”

Me: “But the GDP grew at an average of 7.34% in five years.”

Friend: “Jaitley fudged the figures.”

Me: And the World Bank, IMF, etc. believed the so-called fudged figures?”

Friend: “What choice did they have/ They have to believe the government.”

Me: “And Chidambaram did not fudge figures, as he is the most honest person on the planet. Doodh ka dhula hua (washed in pure milk).”

Me: “The GST collections in April 2019 were 10.1% higher than in April 2018.”

Friend: “GST is not a true indicator of the economy. Cars are hardly selling.”

Me: “Isn’t that because of UBER and OLA?”

Friend: “True, but an electrical shop owner told me that light bulbs are hardly selling.”

Me: “Are people now living in the dark? Or is it because he wasn’t talking about LED bulbs, that are now much more popular than the conventional ones.”

Friend: “I don’t know, but bookstores are closing down across the country.”

Me: “Isn’t that because of Amazon?”

Me: “India registered double-digit growth in domestic air passenger traffic for the 54th consecutive month in February.”

Friend: “I don’t know about that.”

Me: “Would you like coffee, or tea?”

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