WTF does PAK need so many NUKES?

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Can you answer this question logically? Do you know why our peaceful neighbour Pakistan need more nukes than India?

As per the Washington, DC-based Arms Control Association, quoting multiple very reliable sources including Hans M. Kristensen, Associate Senior Fellow with the Stockholm (Sweden)-based SIPRI Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme and Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Washington, DC-based Federation of American Scientists (FAS); Matt Korda, a Research Associate of Kristensen at FAS and a Co-Director of Foreign Policy Generation, a group of 12 young individuals who want to make US foreign policy more empathetic; the U.S. Department of State (similar to India’s Ministry of External Affairs); PAKISTAN (with 160 warheads) HAS 14.3% MORE NUCLEAR WARHEADS THAN INDIA (140 warheads).

India’s GDP (estimated at US$ 2935.57 billion in 2019) was about 10.33 times higher than Pakistan’s GDP (estimated at US$ 284.21 billion in 2019), thus our neighbour’s nuclear stockpile is even more worrisome.

India has 4.77 nuclear warheads per $100 billion in GDP, whereas Pakistan has 56.3 nuclear warheads per $100 billion in GDP, 11.8 times higher than India’s warhead:GDP ratio.

Let’s compare the numbers for the eight countries excluding North Korea in the graphic, as no one really knows accurate numbers for that country’s GDP of nuclear stockpile:

  • Russia:    396.24
  • Pakistan:  56.30
  • USA:          28.85
  • Israel:       23.21
  • France:     11.08
  • UK:              7.29
  • India:          4.77
  • China:         2.05

Russia (then USSR) built its inventory during the Cold War years (1946-1991), but Pakistan has been building its inventory since the late 1970s, after losing the 1971 war to India.  Pakistan is also the ONLY ISLAMIC COUNTRY to have proven nuclear weapons.

At least theoretically, India has four potential enemies in our neighbourhood – Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but Pakistan’s only likely enemies are India and Bangladesh. So then why?

Almost every western movie or TV series produced in the last 6-7 years has been openly showing Pakistan – especially its spy agency ISI – as a sponsor of terrorism. So why is no one doing anything about it? Should we be scared?

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