Only 110 Coronavirus Cases?

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Do you sense something wrong with the data in this chart? I certainly do!!!

How is India’s rate of people affected with Coronavirus or Covid_19 so low? In fact, it is not just India, but the reported cases per million population is also the lowest in our neighbourhood, especially Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka?

So, do these South Asian countries have (amongst) the best of health and hygiene conditions in the world?

While Italy’s affected rate is 6.18 times that of China, the rate in most European nations is also quite high, with the rate in Switzerland at 2.8 times that of China, Spain at 2.18, France at 1.214 times China, and Germany at 0.804 times China. UK is at 0.3, Japan is at 0.11, while USA is at 0.09 times China’s affected rate per million people.

How, then, can the rate of affected people per million in Sri Lanka be at only 0.00913 times that of China, Pakistan only 0.00229, India only 0.00142, Nepal only 0.00062 and Bangladesh only 0.00033?

Definitely something to think about, isn’t it?

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