Coronavirus Growth in 6 hours!!!

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Look at the comparison of the reported Coronavirus cases at 9:45 pm IST (Indian Standard Time) vs. 3:45 pm IST, for the 36 countries that I wrote about earlier today.

Let’s ignore Nepal because the data just cannot be believed.

UAE has seen almost 30% growth in reported cases in just 6 hours; Bangladesh, DR Congo and Nigeria are above 20%; Philippines, Malaysia and Spain are above 15%.

India is amongst the 8 nations which have reported a 10-15% rise in Covid_19 cases in these 6 hours.

10% to 30% increase in just 6 hours. Shocking, isn’t it?

Five other nations, including Pakistan and Sri Lanka, have reported an increase of between 5% and 10%.

The data has obviously not been updated for the last 10 nations on the chart. It is surprising that Italy has not updated their data.

Russia continues to be a surprise.


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