Coronavirus Statistics – Day 9

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Are my posts helping you learn more about the Coronavirus, hopefully the biggest pandemic we will see in our lifetimes? Going by the huge increase in the number of readers in these past 9 days, I would think the answer is a definite yes.

Before I go any further, let me tell you that the only intention for me to share this analytical data is to make people aware of how fast the COVID-19 pandemic (also known as SARS-CoV2) is spreading worldwide, so that we can all take things a bit more seriously and take ALL (I repeat, ALL) precautions being advised by our healthcare specialists and our governments.

I have removed Ethiopia and Nepal from the chart, as their data was most possibly wrong and it was unnecessarily cluttering up the chart. So now we have 34 countries instead of 36 in the last few posts.

Here are some takeaways from the last 26 hours:

  1. Switzerland has now crossed Italy in terms of the number of reported cases per population of 1,000 people. Switzerland now has 1.061 cases per 1000 compared to Italy with 1.059 cases per 1000. Spain is at No.3 with 0.849 cases per 1,000.
  2. Amongst the 13 countries with 100 million plus people, India is at No.11, with 0.00038 cases per 1000 (or 0.38 per million), but occupies the No.6 spot in terms of percentage increase in cases reported in the last 26 hours. Yes, things are changing faster than we would like.
  3. Less than 23,000 people have been tested in India overall – that’s less than half the number being tested on a daily basis in USA (which is testing an average of 51,800+ cases daily since last 4 days), and the Indian population is 4.15 times that of USA. Australia has tested over 116,000 people and India’s population is 54.2 times that of Australia. South Korea has tested more than 355,000 people, Italy more than 217,000, Germany more than 180,000 and Canada more than 116,000. Is it therefore any surprise that the number of reported cases in India is so low?
  4. Now let me come to the data in the embedded chart. The number of cases in DR Congo, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Philippines has obviously gone up so substantially (39.4% to 50%) because the number of tests conducted must have also gone up in similar proportions.
  5. A 22.1% increase in India in just over a day – while obviously a cause of worry – also means that India is testing many more people.
  6. The number of new cases reported in 26 hours in many countries is more than the total tests being performed in India daily.
  7. What does the low growth in China, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam indicate? So higher temperatures actually kill the virus?

Adios, amigos, till my next post. Remember, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE!!! I’m off to watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi give his second address in 5 days.

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