Coronavirus Data Analytics Study – Worldwide Growth in 5 Days

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The Table with data from 30 countries comprises a total of 557,154 Coronavirus cases (up 11.67% from 498,938 yesterday), which is almost 91% of the 614,052 cases (up 11.89% from 548,807 yesterday) reported worldwide at 10:00 am UTC, and is therefore more than a good reference sample.

The total number of Coronavirus (COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 or 2019-nCOV) cases worldwide has gone up 76.72% in 5 days. In these 5 days, the number of cases in the 30 countries which comprise this Study have gone up by an average of 78.1% if we include China, proving again that the 30 countries chosen for my Study (now in its thirteenth day) are a good sample.

What continues to be alarming is that, if we exclude China, the cases in the remaining 29 countries have grown at a much higher rate of 105.3% in 5 days. Furthermore, if we exclude both China as well as South Korea, the cases in the remaining 28 countries  have grown at 109.3%. in 5 days

Of the 30 countries in the study, the number of cases in Turkey have gone up more than 4.6 times, whereas those in USA have gone up almost 3 times.

The Top 10 countries in the Table (the 10 with the highest growth rate in reported cases) have witnessed a growth rate of 176.4% in the past 5 days; the Middle 10 countries a growth rate of 106.1%; and the Bottom 10 countries a growth rate of only 25.5%. However, if we were to remove China and South Korea from the last group, the growth rate of the “Bottom 8” more than doubles to 51.4%.

USA had already surpassed both Italy and China yesterday, in terms of total cases. Now, Italy has surpassed China. How long before other countries keep overtaking China? Spain will probably do so in the next day or two. As China keeps moving down further in terms of the most number of cases, more and more people will believe in the conspiracy theory that the Coronavirus has been deliberately manufactured by China.

Seven countries (including Spain, Germany, Iran and France) have now reported over 32,900 cases each; and 14 countries (including UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Belgium, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Turkey) have now reported over 5,700 cases each. The number of countries with 3000+ cases is now 21; those with 2000+ cases is 25; while those with 1000+ cases is 39.

Of the 244,314 new cases reported in these 30 countries in the last 5 days, as many as 239,379 cases (or 98%) are from the 18 countries that have reported at least 2,000 cases. As I have already said in each of my posts over the past 5 days, this only further proves that much more testing has been done in these 18 countries, than the 12 others.

Available data suggests that an estimated 6.049 million people have been tested in these 18 countries, at an average of 2.3 tests per 1,000 (up from 2.14 a day ago), with an estimated 425,000 cases performed in the last 24 hours alone.

About 9.04% of these 6.049 million people have tested positive for the infection (up from 8.72% a day ago).

An estimated 372,260 people have been tested in the remaining 12 countries. This translates to 0.1244 tests per 1,000 (up from 0.114 a day ago), which is just 5.4% of the testing velocity of the first 18 countries.

About 2.73% of the 372,260 people were tested positive in these 12 countries (up from 2.56% a day ago), which is less than one-third of the infection rate of the first 18 countries. If we remove Russia and Vietnam from the 12, the infection rate of the remaining 10 countries goes up to 9.52%, which is a higher infection rate than the first 18 countries (with 2000+ cases each).

India now has 933 cases, which is 20.4% higher than the 775 cases reported a day ago. Even the infection rate has gone up from 2.76% just two days ago to 3.48% now.

The number of deaths reported in the last 24 hours alone have gone up by 919 in Italy, 832 in Spain, 400 in USA, and 299 in France.

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