Which Countries have the Highest Growing Coronavirus Deaths?

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The 26 countries in this Table are those which have reported at least 170 deaths related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

While the entire world has seen a 2.05 times increase in the number of deaths in the last 11 days, UK has seen a 7.1 times increase, Turkey 6.9x, Belgium 6.8x,  Brazil & USA 6.6x, and India 6.3x.

Algeria, Sweden and Canada have seen more than 5x increases; Germany, Ireland, Romania, France and Portugal more than 4x; Austria, Ecuador, Denmark and Netherlands more than 3x, Switzerland and Philippines more than 2.4x.

Spain, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, South Korea and China are below the global average.

Of the 26 countries with 170+ deaths, as many as 20 have reported at least 2.4x growth in 11 days, with an average of 5.23x, which is more than double the global average of 2.05x.

China has only reported a 0.012x increase in these 11 days. Even the number of cases have increased only 0.005x. What’s the story there? If China has found a cure for the disease, why don’t they tell the world about it?

As you can see from the Table, if the growth rates in number of deaths remain the same for the next 11 days, USA will have almost 100,000 deaths, France over 50,000, UK almost 50,000, Spain more than 40,000, and Italy more than 30,000; and the world will have more than a quarter million deaths. Let us hope and pray that the growth tapers and no country reaches such alarming numbers.

LATEST UPDATES (at 3:00 pm UTC):

  • The world now has over 1.454 million cases
  • The global death toll has crossed 83,600
  • India has 5,749 cases and 175 deaths, as per covid19india.org
  • The Netherlands became the 12th country to cross 20,000 cases
  • The number of countries with 5000+ cases is 28 (up from 16 on March 31)

  • 32 countries have 4000+ cases (up from 29 on April 6)

  • 34 countries have 3000+ cases (same as April 6)

  • 46 countries have 2000+ cases (up from 30 on March 31)

  • 63 countries have 1000+ cases (up from 44 on March 31)

  • 4 countries have 10,000+ deaths (up from 3 on April 3)
  • 10 countries have 2000+ deaths (up from 9 on April 3)
  • 14 countries have 500+ deaths (up from 12 on April 3)
  • 23 countries have 200+ deaths (up from 19 on April 3)
  • 30 countries have 100+ deaths (up from 23 on April 3)


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