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We, the world’s second largest public polling / surveying platform across all social media  – ran a Poll on Twitter which asked – “WHO IS THIS HOT LADY?” Two pictures of a good looking white lady were included, one in a western knee-length dress and another in a red saree, wearing a red bindi on her forehead.

The following four choices were given:

  • “Senator in USA” (since many parts of USA have a large Indian population, she could have been attending an Indian community function or just sporting the saree and bindi to get votes from Indian Americans)
  • “UK Member of Parliament” (since UK has a large Indian population as well, she could have been attending an Indian community function in the saree and bindi)
  • “New Zealand Prime Minister” (NZ also has a pretty large Indian population)
  • “Wife of an Indian Ambassador” (this was obviously the most possible answer)

8,317 people responded / voted on the Poll, and 41% chose the correct option – “New Zealand Prime Minister”.

The 38-year-old Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern is a New Zealand politician who, since October 26, 2017, has served as the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand. She has also served as the Leader of the Labour Party since August 1, 2017. She has been the Member of Parliament (MP) since March 8, 2017. She was first elected to parliament as a list MP at the 2008 general election.

After graduating in 2001, Ardern began her career working as a researcher in the office of Prime Minister Helen Clark. She later worked in the UK as a policy advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. In 2008, she was elected as the President of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

Ardern became a list MP in 2008, a position she held for almost ten years until her election to the Mount Albert electorate in a by-election, held on February 25, 2017. She was unanimously elected as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party on March 1, 2017. Ardern became Leader of the Labour Party on August 1, 2017. In the general election of September 23, 2017, the Labour Party won 46 seats (a net gain of 14), putting it behind the National Party, which won 56 seats. As New Zealand has 120 seats in Parliament, no party had the majority, necessitating a coalition government. After negotiations with the National Party as well as the Labour Party, the New Zealand First Party (with 9 seats) chose to enter into a minority coalition government with Labour, supported by the Green Party (which had 8 seats), with Ardern as Prime Minister.

Ardern is the world’s youngest female head of government (and fourth youngest overall), having taken office at age 37. Giving birth to a daughter on 21 June 2018, Ardern became the world’s second elected head of government to give birth while in office. She has been on maternity leave from office since June 21 this year (in order to to deliver her second child), with Winston Peters serving as the Acting Prime Minister.


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