1914: NaMo or MoNa

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A brief history of electoral India. A well-researched book that maps India’s political journey with the relevant data points. A must read for those interested in electoral politics and the big question of “Who” in 2019. It is very detailed and will have a good audience.

Advaita Kala
Author, Almost Single, Laghbag Single, Almost There
Scriptwriter, Anjaana Anjaani, Kahaani, Anaamika


Very provocative, and yet, very lucid. Many times you confront your own inadequacy of understanding dilemmas and opportunities faced by leaders. We are socially trained to offer opinion without understanding, and this book is an eye-opener in terms of its depth in many situations. Being able to cast your vote with better understanding is invaluable – and Amit has done a great job in allowing that to happen. Kudos! 

Bharat Goenka
Software Evangelist, Founder, Tally


Amit Bagaria handles the extremely complex topic of Indian Democracy with amazing dexterity. His work provides in-depth information with accurate context, and is a good handbook for any student of Indian politics. This book helps you to navigate through the roads we as a nation have travelled over the decades. This is a must read for all aspiring political activists as they will be able to go through and understand the entire spectrum of ideological positions. The author has been successful in capturing the nuances and underlying paradigms in our socio political landscape. 

Rahul Easwar
Philosophy Author & Lecturer, Activist, TedX Speaker
Winner of Malayalam Bigg Boss, TV Anchor & Panellist


The book is concise and moves at a fast pace. Puts the whole gambit of political rulers in perspective that people tend to forget or conveniently brush aside. It helps revive those memories. A great read for the youth who have no access to this kind of concise information which has been strategically and deviously kept from them. It’s really good and the need of the hour.

Amrita Bhinder
Author, Corporate Lawyer & TV Panellist


Amit Bagaria gives extraordinary insight into India’s past, present and future as the country develops into a major economic and political power. Rigorously researched and powerfully imagined, the book is an indispensable guide to understand India and its current politics.

Dr Frank-Jürgen Richter
Ex-Director, World Economic Forum; Founder, Horasis


This brilliant must-read book addresses the most pressing political, economic and diplomatic concerns of the Indian nation in the twenty-first century. It sheds light on the revival of the unmatchable potential India has acquired under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, proving that the Indian people are more empowered than ever before to solve their nation’s challenges.

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi (Imam of Peace)
President of the Islamic Association of South Australia


Amit has rightly pointed out at the beginning that this book is for the age group 18-25. The first few chapters were pure nostalgia for me & are really part of history.  But  must admit it does provide with the right background. All the scandals of UPA times – some were known, some not that known & some very well analysed & documented. Specially the Rafale Deal. The strategies of Congress party vis-à-vis Sonia Gandhi has no in-depth study. As Manmohan Singh was quiet throughout his tenure, so is this book.  No answers there. Achievements of Modi Sarkar of last four years have been well articulated.  Amit is very brave to predict the outcome of 2019 elections.  Not very many Journalist are ready to do it. Some of them are trying to brainwash in general, but their bias is coming through. All in all a very well researched book. The author’s hard work is printed all over. A very readable, balanced book. Enjoyed it.

Jyoti Rajas Doshi
President, Inner Wheel Club Bombay; Member, FLO and IMC Former Chairman, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce & Indust.

A well-researched book on our contemporary political landscape. Bagaria comes up with some very interesting insights of the politico-social scene of India in 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. Easy to read, well-articulated and arguments supported by data, the book is an interesting read. The world is watching India and is in complete awe with the progress we have been making in various fields. But if India has to scale more heights, a stable government with a visionary leader is a must. The people of India, especially the youth, have to participate in the electoral process to make sure that power doesn’t go into the wrong hands. I recommend this book to the youth, to get a clear picture of what happened to our nation in the last 30-40 years and to have a clear idea on how our future should be.

Sandeep Varma
Author, Blogger, Columnist, Film Marketer


The book captured my interest immediately with the title. It is a treasure trove. The usage of pictures and graphs at right places gives weightage to the topics which the author has discussed in great detail. The author did not take sides just because he believed in something or someone but backs his narrative with stats & data. To summarise, I felt that the book was written really well. Having reviewed close to 500 books of different authors across the world, I can vouch that this is certainly a class apart and surely needs to be read, as it is a combination of history and politics explained really well, in an unbiased way.

Sarath Babu
Blogger & Book Reviewer


A very well researched book on the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections giving facts, figures and surveys to explain why 2019 won’t be like 2014 LS elections. The book covers a wide range of topics starting from history of Indian elections and the voting pattern to explain the Atal and Sonia era of politics and how Modi rule is very different from it. The details of Yellow Metal Scam is a must read part of the book. What I liked most about the book is the bold and no holds barred language used by the Author which sadly is lacking in most of the political books. Read it to have deep insights on how India is going to vote in 2019.

Ankur Singh
Columnist and Political Commentator

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