92 Days: Anyone But Modi

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Several senior BJP politicians including Arun Jaitley have said – as recently as two days ago – that there are five months left for elections. This shows the slumber that the party continues to be in.

Considering that the 2014 Lok Sabha elections started on April 7, there are just 92 days to go, and NOT five months or four months, or even 100 days!!!

The opposition – meanwhile – has woken up – and is much more active than BJP. With Gathbandhans and Federal Fronts, all kinds of alliances are being formed; some at the state level, and some national. The central or common theme for all these alliances is simple: ANYONE BUT MODI.

The six people in the image are the “current” front-runners” for the post of Prime Minister of India amongst non-BJP, non-Congress politicians.  I just want to remind you how many days each of the ONLY SIX third-party PM’s lasted:

Morarji Desai        – 2 years, 4 months
Charan Singh        – 170 days
VP Singh                 – 343 days
Chandra Shekhar – 223 days
HD Deve Gowda   – 324 days
IK Gujral                – 332 days

Can any current leader from any of the non-BJP/Congress party complete a year in office in 2019-20? VOTE WISELY, COUNTRYMEN.

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