Who Is Testing Aggressively For Coronavirus and Who Is Not?

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It is obvious from the Table that USA is carrying out the most number of COVID-19 tests per day. But USA’s absolute number translates to 377 tests per million per day (PMPD), which is lower than Italy’s 547 PMPD or Australia’s 432 PMPD.

As updated Testing Data is not available for several countries, this Table only has 21 countries instead of 30 in my Daily Data Analytics on Worldwide Growth of Coronavirus.

Of these 21 countries, in terms of the total tests conducted till date as a percentage of population, Switzerland is at the No.1 position, with 18,915 tests per million residents.

Austria is at the No.2 position, with 12,868 tests per million, followed closely by Australia at 12,328 and Italy at 11,920.

South Korea is next at at 9,318 tests per million, followed by USA at 5,962, Russia at 5,450, the Netherlands at 5,065, UK at 3,746, Iran at 2,546, Turkey at 2,431, Malaysia at 1,739, and Vietnam at 1,027 tests conducted per million residents.

Considering their relatively lower level of development than the other 10 countries above, the Testing Rates in Iran, Malaysia and Vietnam are commendable.

Thereafter, the number starts falling drastically. Bangladesh brings up the rear, with only 26 tests per million, followed by Indonesia at 49, India at 103, Mexico at 160, Pakistan at 181, the Philippines at 212, Thailand at 360, and Japan at 364. Seven of these eight countries are in Asia, but the low number of Japan is surprising as Japan is one of the most developed nations on our planet.

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LATEST UPDATES (at 4:00 pm UTC):

  • The world now has over 1.383 million cases
  • The global death toll has crossed 78,900
  • India has 5,212 cases and has reached 150 deaths as per covid19india.org
  • Spain became the first country with an Incidence Rate of over 3/1000
  • Turkey became the 9th country with over 30,000 cases, Israel the 18th with over 9,000 cases, Russia the 20th with over 7,500 cases, India the 24th with over 5,000 cases, Pakistan the 30th with over 4,000 cases; and Moldova the 62nd with over 1,000 cases
  • 34 countries have 3000+ cases (same as April 6)

  • 44 countries have 2000+ cases (up from 30 on March 31)

  • 62 countries have 1000+ cases (up from 44 on March 31)

  • USA became the third country with over 11,500 deaths, UK the 5th with over 6,000 deaths and Belgium the ninth with over 2,000 deaths
  • 10 countries have 1000+ deaths (same as April 3)
  • 14 countries have 500+ deaths (up from 13 on April 3)
  • 28 countries have 100+ deaths (up from 23 on April 3)

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