COVID-19 Recoveries vs. Deaths

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I have been doing Data Analytics Studies on the Coronavirus Pandemic for 26 days now. The 23 countries chosen for this particular Study have reported the highest number of cases (minimum 6,000) and represent 89.6% of all COVID-19 cases worldwide.

This study compares the percentage of recoveries and deaths in these 23 countries. The KEY is the DIFFERENCE in the last column. I have not seen any similar study anywhere, and I read a lot every day.

If we ignore China, whose figures no one believes in any case, why do South Korea, Australia, Iran, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain have such high recovery rates and relatively low death rates, putting them on the top of the chart in terms of the difference between recoveries and deaths?

Similarly, why do UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Ireland, Portugal, and Norway have such low recovery rates and thus negative difference figures?

If any researchers, scientists or healthcare professionals are able to find these answers, we will possibly move faster towards a cure for this deadly pandemic.

LATEST UPDATES (at 1:00 pm UTC):

  • The world now has over 1.621 million cases
  • The global death toll has crossed 97,100
  • India has 6,998 cases and 230 deaths, as per
  • Turkey became the 9th country to cross 40,000 cases
  • Israel became the 19th country to cross 10,000 cases
  • The number of countries with 5000+ cases is 31 (up from 16 on March 31)

  • 35 countries have 4000+ cases (up from 29 on April 6)

  • 39 countries have 3000+ cases (up from 34 on April 8)

  • 49 countries have 2000+ cases (up from 30 on March 31)

  • 64 countries have 1000+ cases (up from 44 on March 31)

  • Iran became the 6th country with over 4,000 deaths and Belgium the 8th with over 3,000 deaths
  • 10 countries have 2000+ deaths (up from 8 on April 3)
  • 15 countries have 500+ deaths (up from 12 on April 3)
  • 26 countries have 200+ deaths (up from 19 on April 9)
  • 34 countries have 100+ deaths (up from 23 on April 3)

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  1. Hi Amit,


    What is the logic behind ‘last column’ ? Number of Recoveries minus Deaths – is only a number. I fail to understand any importance to this metric.

    Recoveries or Deaths as a stand alone number vis a vis total number of Patients is a crucial metric wherein the efficacy or otherwise of the treatment can be gauged.

    Similarly the negative number is also a number. Negative number is arising because of the small value of the recovered patients. It only goes to show that large number of patients are still in treatment stage either due to early stages of Pandemic in that country or the treatment is taking pretty long time to bring out the patients to ‘recovered’ stage.



    1. It’s not absolute numbers. It’s Recoveries as % of Cases vs. Deaths as % of cases. Therefore, the comparison makes sense. Hope you understand what I mean

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